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Terribly Tasty Choc Chia Puddin'!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

If you're on the hunt for a delicious brekky to kick start your day then look no further. This choc chia pudding is packed full of protein, healthy fats, delicious antioxidising berries, and most importantly, it's super easy to make!

I'll try not to bore you to death with my life story about how this recipe was bestowed upon me by a monk who I met in my travels through the Himalayas because, come on, it's just chia pudding!

But, I will say, that after whipping this up several hundred times over the past years I have modified and altered it to get that perfect taste and consistency that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

I typically make this for breakfast on my low requirement days so, if I"m just riding to work and back (about a 20km round trip) and sitting at a desk all day then this is my go to. It's enough to keep me feeling full til lunch time and helps with that even spread of protein throughout the day.

Enough of my waffle (mmmm waffles...) here's the recipe!


Serves: 1

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Set Time: 2 - 4 hours


30g Chia Seeds

25g Chocolate Protein Powder

10g Cocoa Powder

80g Yoghurt (Coconut or Greek)

180mL Liquid - water, milk, or nut juice.

1 handful Mixed Berries (Frozen)

1 pinch Shredded Coconut


1. Combine all dry ingredients in a 500mL jar, container, pot (anything you can cover and place in the fridge) put the lid on and shake it up. You want to evenly mix the chia seeds throughout otherwise they may just end up as gooey clump in the bottom of the jar.

2. Add the yogurt and preferred choice of liquid. Mix all ingredients until well combined, ensure all the powders have been mixed in with the liquids. If you've smashed enough protein shakes in your time you know full well how this stuff just hates liquid and will stick to the sides of your shaker!

3. Dump the berries on top and garnish with a sprinkle of shredded coconut. Cover and place in the fridge over night for breakfast!

Nutritional Analysis



Almond Milk


1,824 kJ / 434 kcal

2,299 kJ / 548 kcal

2,070 kJ / 492 kcal


31.9 g

37.8 g

33.1 g

Fat, Total

24.9 g

31.0 g

27.7 g

- Saturated

11.1 g

14.0 g

11.3 g


​14.3 g

22.9 g

​21.5 g

- Sugars

9.4 g

18.0 g

​16.2 g


181 mg

​260 mg

245 mg


  1. If you're the kind of person that east breakfast pretty soon after they wake up then make sure you make this the night before. Otherwise you can get away with making it before you leave for the day and it will set fine within a couple hours.

  2. Because it's so easy to make you can make 2 or 3 of these at a time and have breakfast ready to go for the week!

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