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Based out of Melbourne Australia, I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about empowering clients to make informed decisions about their health, lifestyle, and nutrition through nutrition education and coaching. I am committed to forming relationships with clients who are looking to make a change and start their journey to becoming the best possible version of themselves! 

I am a strong believer in making small but meaningful changes to your lifestyle and diet to get real, lasting results. I will put you first and foremost listening to what you want and work closely with you to achieve these goals! I'm not going to tell you stop eating pizza, or burgers, and make you eat kale and quinoa sandwiches for the rest of your life because not only does that sound awful, it's just not sustainable. It's about finding the perfect balance that works for you and suits your lifestyle!

I love an adventure and there's no bigger adventure than life itself!

I also have a competitive streak and recently found myself competing regularly in state and national cyclocross and gravel cycling events finding some recent success. Fuelling strategies for races and more importantly training are paramount to success so, if you are a competitive beast like me don't hesitate to book a consult and we can devise a nutrition plan that will no doubt contribute to your next podium!

A (Very) Short List of Athletic Achievements...

2022 - Champion - Victorian Cyclocross Championships (Masters 2)

2022 - 2nd - Australian Cyclocross Series (Masters 2) - 2 wins, 4 podiums

2022 - 3rd - Victorian Cyclocross Series (B Grade) - 2 podiums

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